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Jim Holman
Jim Holman

(276)783-4582 ext 37
Joey Holman
Joey Holman

VP of Operations
(276)783-4582 ext 31
Mark Hayes
Mark Hayes

Mfg. Manager
(276)783-4582 ext 28
Becky Crouse
Randy Oakes

Quality Manager
(276)783-4582 ext 24
Angela Gross
Dean Shortt

Project Engineer
(276)783-4582 ext 22
Charlie Cox
Larry Kelly

New Business Development Manager
(276)783-4582 ext 26
Becky Crouse Becky Crouse
Director of Administration
(276)783-4582 ext 25
Corky Sheets
Wm. "Corky" Sheets

(276)783-4582 ext 29
Dean Shortt
Matt Byrd
Purchasing Manager
(276)783-4582 ext 34
Connie Mutter
Connie Mutter
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